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LOOK - In Depth Info - Japanese & Keratin Hair Straightening - The Soft, Silky and Frizz-Free Hair Solution
Post LOOK - In Depth Info - Japanese & Keratin Hair Straightening - The Soft, Silky and Frizz-Free Hair Solution
by Steve Tcherkezian on Monday, 10.November 2014 08:11 AM

X-asperated by Frizzy, Curly, Wavy, or Unruly Hair?


• Styling takes time
• Difficult to manage
• Too much volume
• Your hair appears sensitized and dull
… back to frizzy hair even after a smooth brushing.


• To be able to style their hair more easily and quickly
• To reduce volume and relax curls
• Healthy, supple, shiny texture
• Lasting hold

THE SOLUTION: We have X-actly what you need!

CONNECTING - This article is for those of you who are not familiar and don’t know the difference between Japanese Hair Straightening/TR, Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening/BKT.

Women across the globe seek out professional Japanese Hair Straightening/TR and Brazilian Hair Straightening (Brazilian Keratin Treatment/BKT) services to help them control unmanageable frizz and curl. Japanese Hair Straightening will help the needs by offering permanent treatment that smoothes the hair, combats frizz and reduces styling for beautiful, manageable hair. While the Brazilian Keratin Treatment does exactly the same thing, but offers demi-permanent results.

Hi, my name is Steve Tcherkezian. I am a trained & highly qualified, highly skilled Japanese and Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening specialist in Toronto (GTA).

KNOWLEDGE CHECK - While other salons and stylists offer Japanese Hair Straightening/TR and Brazilian Keratin Treatment/BKT, with me, I specialize in it. I have been doing Japanese Hair Straightening since 1999, Brazilian Keratin Treatment since 2005 and other conventional method of hair straightening for over 40 years. I am also a Trichoanalyst. Trichoanalysis is the scientific study of hair which allows a better understanding of the physical and microscopic properties of the hair keratin.

Trichoanalysis - is a total procedure that involves conveying and making the necessary examinations and tests, determining the hair’s structural competency. Trichology is of paramount importance in chemical hair straightening process and caring for the hair. It is important to have an understanding of hair and its reaction to certain chemical processes.

First thing we do is Consultation - Hair analysis is a step by step process. Japanese Hair Straightening and Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening consultation is a total procedure that involves conveying to clients that the stylist performing these services is an expert, making the necessary examinations and tests, determining the hair’s structural competency, educating the client, recommending the proper reconditioning treatment, carrying it out, showing the client the improvement, and pleasing the client with continual and positive results. It is necessary to test the hairs from each area of the head (left, right, crown. nape). Additional tests should be taken from any problem areas.

Is your stylist taking representative samples? To visually examine and testing the mechanical strength of the hair fiber and make any necessary preliminary evaluation, taking hair tests is extremely important in the overall results. Keep in mind, we are selecting a very small group of hairs to represent a very large group of hairs, and for all results to be valid, the hair test must be representative. Tests should never be taken from an area which will be cut or trimmed, no matter how damaged the hair may be. In such a case, the TR/BKT stylist would be analysing damage that no longer remains a problem to the overall condition of your hair, thus receiving useless results.


Basically the Japanese Hair Straightening/TR technology straightens the hair and makes it soft, frizz-free and easy to style at-home and it is permanent. Of course new growth is new hair, so you need to do a touch-up once every 5 to 10 months; depending on the natural curl pattern of your hair. Clients with highlight, bleach treated hair are not a good candidate for Japanese Hair Straightening or hair with more than 30% highlights, or permanent hair colour that's above 20 volume peroxide.

The ideal candidate has “fairly" healthy virgin hair that is frizzy, wiry, coarse and at least five or six inches long”. Great candidates are people who generally have to spend hours blow-drying and straightening their hair every day just to get it to look decent. For a woman who is blow-drying her hair straight every day, the investment in time/money may be worth it.

FEATURES & BENEFITS OF KERATIN HAIR STRAIGHTENING (also known as Brazilian Hair Straightening/BKT)

The greatest advantage about the Keratin Straightening is that unlike the Japanese Hair Straightening, it can be done on highlight/bleach treated hair. The Brazilian BKT is specifically formulated to ban frizz, to tackle and tame curly hair challenges you might encounter. The Brazilian Keratin Treatment/BKT technology is very similar to Japanese Hair Straightening... it makes the hair straight and frizz-free and easy to style at-home, although not as straight as the Japanese Hair Straightening. The Brazilian Keratin Treatment/BKT is not permanent, the effects of straightness and de-frizz will gradually wear out and your hair will revert back to its original natural curl pattern. Total wear out could take anywhere from 6 to 9 months. Generally, you need to redo the Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening once every 3 - 4 months.

In Summary, the Brazilian Keratin Treatment BKT is designed for people who have curly or frizzy hair but dream of smooth, frizz-free locks. Thick, frizzy, wavy, highlight and color treated hair is the most perfect candidate for BKT.

So you say to yourself, "Where do I go from here?" When people book back into the same stylist repeatedly, you know the stylist has done such a fantastic job… simple isn’t it?

Japanese & Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening
(The Soft, Silky & Frizz-Free Hair Solution)
Contact Steve - Verticals In Hair
To contact Steve, you can either call or email him. Consultations by appointment only.
Phone: (416) 669-9118.

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