Straight Facts

Straight facts

Give me the Straight facts.

While the TR process provides great results, not every head of hair is a good candidate for the treatment. All prospective clients are strongly encouraged to schedule a pre-TR consultation to determine the probable results. This should take approximately 30 to 45 minutes. Out-of-town clients need to do communicate to send advance hair snippets and close-up photos so that the stylist can do a preliminary check to determine in advance if they are a good candidate. This prevents everyone from “wasting unnecessary travel, time and money”.

Do not have unrealistic expectations that TR would give everyone the straight, silky, wash-and-wear freedom. The TR treatment works best on unprocessed hair with a loose wave/curl pattern that starts two-to-three inches from the scalp. If the curl pattern is twisted, corkscrew-like or overly curly, it will not take well and may not be effective.

Each person who has the treatment will experience different results. Previously colored, highlighted hair may experience problems like, reversion, breakage and dryness, especially if it is bleached or highlighted. Some may complain that their hair feels more like straw than silk. There should be no greater than 20 volume peroxide in the color your stylist uses. Higher peroxide volume is very serious.

The very best candidates have virgin hair that has not ever been colored or processed in any way. Unfortunately most women have some type of chemicals applied to their hair before they decide to opt for the TR system. While some stylists will apply the treatment to fragile or damaged hair, generally it will not respond well to the treatment and the hair may not withstand the chemicals and the excessive heat from the irons.

The ideal candidate has “fairly healthy, chemically virgin hair, that is frizzy, coarse and at least five or six inches long”. Great candidates are the type of people who generally have to spend hours blow drying and straightening their hair every day just to get it to look decent. After Thermal Reconditioning this same client will spend less time to blow-dry and style their hair.

Super short hair is generally not a good candidate for TR. The benefits of the treatment will not be as long lasting on short hair as it is for longer hair. Also, it doesn’t look good, and you’ll be disappointed. Clients with chin length or longer hair will get best long term results. For many people the effects can last up to 6 months depending on the natural wave pattern of their hair. If the texture of your hair is fine and the density is thin, or if you don't like relatively flat, pin straight hair, consider the conventional method; this gives you manageability and volume control.

Not a Cure-All.

Not all hair types can or should receive Thermal Reconditioning, and remember that you will most likely get different results on different types of hair. To be sure, the Japanese method is not a cure-all for all locks of hair from all walks of life. People with highlights, their hair may be too brittle and fragile for the treatment. If the hair is tight-curled and too frizzy, the effect is not as outstanding and the roots have to be retouched much sooner, thus, making it vulnerable for damage. Unfortunately there will probably be people out there who are going to do it for the wrong reasons. It’s not worth it.