Japanese Hair Straightening/TR touch-up

Touch-up. How long will the Straightening treatment last? A retouch is necessary when the new growth starts to interfere with your styling procedures. The straightening is permanent, but as the hair grows a re-touch will be necessary about every four to six months. The frequency depends upon the degree of your natural curl pattern, the rate of hair growth and the style you wear. The curlier the natural curl pattern, the more often the need to do a re-touch application. With one quick touch up on the roots we can bring the straight TR look back to the complete head of hair.

The transitional period involves matching the re-growth area with the already straightened part of the hair. Many stylists do not know how to handle the touch-up process and ruin the hair. It is safe to repeat the process as long as the approach is done correctly. Retouch as the name implies, is applied on the new growth hair only. First, the previously straightened area must be protected (acidified) to minimize chemical penetration.

Processing the new re-growth area with the previously TRd hair is also crucial. If not done properly, a ridge is created where the new growth meets the old, and may cause breakage. The rest of the process is pretty much the same as the initial TR steps, except, in Thermal Reconditioning, the ironing and manipulation is slightly reduced on the previously straightened sections. Refrain the straightening touch-up application to no more than two or three applications per year for TR, and four to five applications per year for Vertical Smoothing. Also, try to minimize the use of thermal iron.