The Interview with Hair

Where do you want to take your hair today? Everyone is born with a particular kind of hair, determined by one’s genetic. There is nothing you can do to change that. Only “Science and Beauty” can change and improve what nature has provided. At the same time, people are doing things to their hair all the time which affect it. They color it, henna it, dye it, highlight it, bleach it, wave it, TR it, relax it. They expose it to chlorine, and sun. They abuse it with hot flat iron, curling iron, hot blow-dryer. They shampoo it, condition it, towel ruffle it, wrestle it, comb it, roller set it, brush it, wrap it, crimp it, braid it, tie it, pull it, pin it, spray it, gel it.

In doing these things, they chemically and mechanically degrade the hair and alter its physical and chemical properties. Over a length of time this causes the hair to lose its natural cosmetic qualities such as body, manageability, luster and competency—thereby, placing the hair in a structurally incompetent state.

Where do you want your hair to be tomorrow?” Right hair care begins with shampooing the hair. It is extremely important to use a shampoo that is formulated to suit the structure and condition of the hair and scalp. Wrong or unsuitable products can have serious consequences; they can damage the hair or affect the natural balance of the functions of the scalp.

Behind every great hairstyle is a well-conditioned hair. If your hair is in good condition you do not have to hide its faults and your hair will be shiny, manageable and will stay well. Also, the less products, the better results, and the more you’ll be agreeably impacted.

Let’s review. Unlike other chemical hair services such as color, bleach or highlights; chemical hair straightening can cause your hair to break, if the hair is not cared for properly. Prescribing individual personalized hair care products through superior science will be viewed more as wellness than cosmetics in the salon of the future. It takes professional skill to analyze your hair properly and provide the right advice for your individual needs. Without an intensive at-home care and in-salon professional follow-up reconditioning treatments, “you cannot expect successful results”.

When hair is overly curly or wavy it is difficult to manage. It has—as anyone with this type of hair will agree— “a mind of its own”. When confronted with this problem, Women and Men want to be able to style their hair more easily and more quickly. To reduce volume, relax curls and have healthy, supple shiny texture. Conventional and unconventional hair straightening systems are formulated to chemically reform or change the molecular structure of the hair in order to bring it to a more “controllable state”.

Is the unconventional Japanese/TR and Brazilian Keratin/BKT Hair Straightening (new technology) or conventional Curl Reducer (old technology) hair straightening for you?

The attributions and efficacy of Japanese and Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening will always depend on the texture/condition of your hair.

The stylist’s practical hands-on experience and knowledge in the science of permanent hair straightening. Beauty follow-up at home after-care service and hair-care products to address specific hair needs. But that’s not all…it also requires your willingness to follow through. Any deviation or inconsistencies from aforesaid; then it is best if you do not chemically straighten/TR or BKT your hair at all.

The Power of prescription is in your hands to bring out the best in your hair. Show your strength! Japanese and Brazilian Hair Straightening can be achieved with visible and remarkable results, and with minimum amount of damage. With professional at-home beauty follow-up, you’ll be able to style your hair more easily and more quickly.

We are All different: Each unique. No one has bad hair, just hair with special needs. Curly and wavy hair care is all a matter of balance. Occasional chemical treatments such a semi color, highlights and chemical hair straightening/TR are less harmful than daily mechanical abuse. The first is to identify the type of curl you have. The second is to know how to have it cut properly. The third is to follow-up an at-home after care regimen hair-care prescription powered by science that delivers what it promises."

Getting there is easy. Powered by the strength of outside and inside lines of hair, take a moment and think… ascertain of what you’d like your hair to be like…dream a little…then let Science, and a Star take you there. “Helping you get to the next level”.

Be in touch…” Ultimately this special service is provided for the serious minded consumer interested in detailed information. But that’s not all…we must all keep in mind that my real objective is in gaining new knowledge that can give me the opportunity to not only improve my services, but to continually raise the standards of the profession I have chosen to follow